Wednesday, July 20, 2005

We have a nominee!

President Bush announced his nominee for the supreme court last night, thereby taking the presure off the White House to answer questions surrounding the Karl Rove CIA leak.

Here is a list of resources on Judge John Roberts, Jr., that goes beyond the consrevatives-love-him, liberals-hate-him coverage found in much of the media.

But in the words of one blogger at the daily kos, "A f-cking white guy!"
  • Robert's biography from Independent
  • A fact sheet from Pro-choice America
  • Finanical Disclosure Report from Judicial
  • Information of Robert's decisions regarding endangered species from Earth
  • From an article in Slate, a discussion of Robert's litigation in the Supreme Court decision to deny Americans With Disabilities Act protections to those, who are fired after developing carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • A discussion of Roberts from
Also check out John Kerry's page on the significance of the supreme court decision


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