Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Blogging for Bilingualism

I thought this might also amuse someone else. I was perusing the different Help sections for Blogger, the site that supports my little blog here. One of the Help topics, which was clearly targeted at teenagers, gave ideas on how to cope if your parents read your blog and thereby become privy to your innermost thoughts and desires, those you would only want to share with an anonymous reading public presumably. One suggestion for preventing such a mishap was "Go Multi-lingual":
Put those high school language classes to good use - obscure your true self from your Mom. Blogging is widely known to raise I.Q., so think what it could do for your as-yet-unexercised language skills.

As someone who is working on making a profession out of languages and foreign language study in particular, this is one of the best marketing ploys I have heard yet. Why learn a foreign language? For college? That isn't even a requirement in many universities these days. For international travel? Don't they all speak English anyway? Business? Likewise. To gain a greater understanding of the world and its many cultures? Whatever. We have cable. But to keep things from your parents. That appeals.

Oh, and did anyone else realize that blogging raises your I.Q.?
See, I am not procrastinating my dissertation. I am flexing my mind so that I may become more intelligent and work even faster. A mental warm-up, if you will.

Luckily I am too old to hide my blog from my parents. Blogging and in a foreign language would probably push my brain capacity to its limits.


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